Spring Roofing Maintenance: Common Rain Gutter Repairs After Winter in Connecticut


Spring is the best time of the year to look at the condition of your roof. If you are in Connecticut, your roof takes a severe beating because of all the snow and rain that takes place during winter months.  In addition, dead leaves falling on your roof accumulate to clog the gutters surrounding the roof to complicate the issues. Spring roof maintenance will help the longevity of your roof and will help your gutters remain free-flowing.

Regular Gutter Maintenance Will Prevent Most Roof/Gutter Problems

Taking care of the maintenance of your roof from time to time spares you from incurring heavy costs on its repairs. You can prevent major repairs to your roof and increase its life by calling a specialist in your area in Connecticut and asking them to carry out annual spring maintenance of your roof and gutters. Minor repair of roof often includes tasks such as sealing small leaks and changing shingles that have been damaged because of wind, snow or ice.

Excess moisture from the roof is removed through a rain gutter system. This system of drainage makes sure that all the water and snow that falls on the roof flows off your roof in the proper way, preventing damage to your home. Most homeowners in Connecticut pay little attention to cleaning and maintenance of their gutters.  The result is often very serious damage to the roof or the interiors as clogged or broken gutters create extra weight on the roof or leaks that are not always visible until it causes major interior water damage to your home. Gutter repair in Connecticut is necessary to prevent damage to your roof and the interiors.

You can save yourself from some costly roof repairs by carrying out maintenance and repair of your gutters after winter. Here are some of the most common gutter repairs that are faced by homeowners in Connecticut.

Missing and Loose Gutters

The high pressure and the weight created by strong winds, snow, ice, and rain in Connecticut can make gutters loose or even disappear altogether. Also, sections of gutter systems can sag and finally detach because of lots of leaves and debris. These things can damage the roof and siding of your house.

Clogged Gutters

The normal flow of water in the gutters stops when falling leaves and debris accumulate at within the gutters. Proper cleaning of the gutter system becomes necessary as otherwise, you may face problems like the growth of vegetation and mold as well as standing water that will eventually cause leaks into the interior of your home.

In addition, you can face problems like leaks, wear and tear, and damaged downspouts. Call an experienced professional for roof repair in Connecticut to solve your problems.

Hiring a local CT Roofer is very important as they understand better than anyone else the extreme weather that your home and roof experience throughout the year.  An experienced CT Roofer will have the necessary knowledge to maintain and repair your roof and gutters in a way that minimizes the cost of maintaining your home.  CT Roofers also know the warning signs of damage that may not be visible to the naked eye and is able to remediate any damage before bigger problems occur.

As is the case with most of your home maintenance tasks proper attention and care can prevent bigger problems later one.  After a long, wet winter like the one Connecticut experienced this year it’s best to hire an experienced local CT Roofer to have a look at your gutters and roof.

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