5 Ways Damaged Rain Gutters Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

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It has been an unusually wet July and early August for Connecticut. The forecast shows more rain coming this week.  While going from job to job we pay attention to other homes or business roofs.  We have noticed quite a few rain gutters that are in a state of disrepair. The team at Yargueta Construction thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about what damage can occur if damaged rain gutters are not taken care of.

Roofs of homes in Connecticut bear the brunt of severe winters.  They also can take a beating during Spring, Summer, and Fall extreme weather.  The rain and snow that falls on your roof have the potential to cause serious damage.

Autumn is also approaching which means falling leaves.  Dead leaves that fall from trees can clog your rain gutters.  This is a potential recipe for disaster for your roof and your property. It is important to routinely check the status of your rain gutters (and your roof), especially after severe weather.

Hiring an experienced CT roofer for roof maintenance to address concerns immediately will save you money. Reviewing your rain gutters and roof after extreme weather is also very important.  If you notice or suspect any damage it’s best to address it quickly with a qualified roofer in Connecticut.  Ignoring the problem will likely make it worse over time.  Damage and cost of repairs will likely increase if not taken care of with a sense of urgency.

Spring is The Best Time to Look at Your Roof

You should pay close attention to the maintenance of your roof when living in Connecticut. Let’s put severe weather aside for a moment.

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Preparing the roof for the rough winter season and carrying out inspections at regular intervals will make sure you do not have to incur heavy expenditure on its repairs. You can easily increase the lifespan of your roof by carrying out routine maintenance on your own. However, it is better to allow an experienced and reliable roofer in CT to come and take a close look at the condition of your roof after the winter season. He will check the condition of your rain gutters and the roof and carry out annual maintenance.

5 Ways Rain Gutters in Disrepair Can Damage Your Home

  1. Water Damage to Your Roof.  The obvious and immediate potential for damage is your roof. As gutters overflow because of clogging the water can spill out onto your roof.  Gutters that do not route water properly will also likely overflow to the roof.Over time, consistent water flow to a specific area of the roof will begin to eat away the shingles and structure of the roof.  As this happens water will begin to leak into the home.The roof will continue to deteriorate if the damage is not remediated.  A simple rain gutter repair now becomes a bigger, more expensive, repair.
  2. Water Damage into Your Home. Now that water is leaking into your home you will be faced with bigger problems and more costly repairs.Water leaking into the home will only continue to damage more and more of the structure if left untouched.
  3. Damage to the Perimeter. Missing downspouts or damage to the gutters can also overflow to the perimeter of the home. This can cause damage to pavement or stonework, gardens and lawns, and surrounding structures and properties.Water can also leak into the basement or crawl space of your home if water is constantly pouring into the same area.  Eventually, it will degrade the structure of your home and potentially leak into your basement.
  4. Damage to the Structure of Your Home. If the above is ignored eventually the structure of your home can erode.  Erosion to your structure can become a major problem and cause massive damage to your home.
  5. Your Family’s Health. Water damage can create mold.  Mold spores can be very unhealthy for your family.  Breathing in mold spores for any length of time can have a negative impact on your family member’s long-term health.This is not a situation you want to put your family in.  If there is visible water damage you will want to have it addressed immediately.

Roofing Specialist Can Easily Carry Out Minor Repairs

Snow, rain, and wind can cause damage to some shingles on your roof. Minor roof repair will take care of this problem as the roofer will replace cracked and damaged shingles. He will apply sealant to plug small leaks and clear the gutters to make them free flowing.

Often, the excessive moisture because of clogged gutters can seep down into the ceiling. Your rain gutters are designed to get rid of this excess moisture. They get rid of all the snow and rainfall in a proper manner to make sure this moisture does not cause any damage to the roof.

Missing or damaged spouts can also cause damage.  Not routing water away from the perimeter of your home can cause excessive damage if not addressed quickly.

Most homeowners pay the price in the form of damaged roof and leakage from the ceiling in their rooms if they do not pay attention to regular maintenance of their roof and rain gutters. Remember, your roof will easily become damaged if your rain gutters are clogged or broken because of the pressure of water and dead leaves. Thankfully, you can avoid costly repairs if you speak to and hire a qualified roofer in Connecticut to maintain your roof and rain gutters.  Regular maintenance is far less expensive than water damage to the structure of your home, and the potential health issues that can occur.

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